Thursday, October 19, 2017

Israel, Iran, the US: our future is tied but not good!

We heard about preparations yesterday but today I have both sides and the consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran! I have been saying for years now that an Israeli attack on Iran was unavoidable and long in the planning. I have done numerous stories on it saying coming to Israel's aid will be our way of getting at Iran. Israel has long declared their willingness to attack if necessary and are now thanks to us armed, prepared, and are practicing!

American military officials say Israel launched a major military exercise that appeared to be aimed in part at demonstrating its ability to stage an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Israel's military refused to publicly confirm or deny whether the exercise was a rehearsal for a potential bombing attack. But a senior Israeli Air Force official close to the operation told FOX News that the military is preparing for all possibilities with Iran, and during this exercise was testing its refueling capabilities. The source said helicopters were even used to practice how to respond to a downed plane. An Israeli fighter pilot also confirmed to FOX News that he took part in the mock air mission in mid-May. Pentagon officials said Israel sent dozens of aircraft on the large-scale mission in the eastern Mediterranean.The aircraft used in the drill, F-15s and F-16s, flew a distance of about 900 miles — similar to the distance between Israel and uranium-enrichment facilities at Natanz, Iran, officials said. One defense official said the exercise could be taken as a show of force to Iran and a demonstration to the world that Israel is serious about the need to challenge the country's nuclear program — and might be prepared to do so militarily.

"They have been conducting some large-scale exercises — they live in a tough neighborhood," one U.S. official said, though he offered no other recent examples. Another defense official told FOX News that the "dry run" was the second time in three months Israel has carried out such a drill. The official said the reports on the mission were probably the result of a deliberate leak from the Pentagon to send a signal to Iran — and even Israel — about a potential strike against Iran.Privately, Pentagon officials grimace at the idea of Israel striking Iran, fearing the unintended consequences of such an attack.The Jerusalem Post reported that a senior cleric in Iran warned Israel, in response to the drill, that it would react to such a strike with a "strong blow." The New YorkTimes first reported Friday that more than 100 Israeli fighter jets took part in the maneuvers over the eastern Mediterranean and Greece. Citing undisclosed American officials, it said the exercise appeared to be an effort to focus on long-range strikes. "They wanted us to know, they wanted the Europeans to know and they wanted the Iranians to know," a Pentagon official told the Times. "There's a lot of signaling going on at different levels."(okay we know)

The source said the air force got permission from the countries along the Mediterranean to fly the mission. The Israeli Air Force needed permission to conduct the exercise from all the countries whose air space was entered, according to the official. The Israeli planes flew above civilian air space to avoid disrupting any passenger jets. U.S. officials, however, did not believe Israel had decided to attack Iran or think such a strike was imminent. Asked to comment, the Israeli military issued a statement saying only that the Israeli air force "regularly trains for various missions in order to confront and meet the challenges posed by the threats facing Israel." Israeli military analyst Martin Van Creveld of Jerusalem's Hebrew University said military preparations for a possible attack are indeed under way.

"Israel has been talking about this possibility for a long time, that it would not take an Iranian nuclear weapon lying down. And it has been practicing the operation or operations for a long time," he said. But though an Israeli strike would likely be able to "paralyze the most important Iranian nuclear installations," it probably won't be able to destroy the program entirely, Van Creveld said. "I would be very surprised if Israel can really knock out every part of this program, which by all accounts appears to be large and well-concealed and well-dispersed," he said. Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev offered no comment beyond the military's statement. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said he prefers that Iran's nuclear ambitions be halted by diplomatic means, but has pointedly declined to rule out military action. In an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel published on Wednesday, Olmert said the current international sanctions against Iran would probably not succeed alone, adding there were "many things that can be done economically, politically, diplomatically and militarily." Asked if Israel was capable of taking military action against Iran, Olmert said, "Israel always has to be in a position to defend itself against any adversary and against any threat of any kind." Israeli Military Demonstrates Ability to Attack Iran, U.S. Officials Say

*Personally I believe it will open up a hornets nest and Russia if not China will protect their interests and help Iran. Israel has long feared a three pronged attack from Iran, Syria, and Hamas. There are on going efforts to mitigate the threat from Syria and hopefully have a peaceful neighbor in Palestine as the inevitable war with Iran comes closer. In response to learning about Israel's preparations Iran has said it considers a military attack on its nuclear facilities by Israel as "impossible". "Such audacity to embark on an assault against the interests and territorial integrity of our country is impossible, said spokesman Gholam Hoseyn Elham. The statement follows reports in the US media that Israeli aerial maneuvers over the eastern Mediterranean were a possible test-run for a strike on Iran. Iran discounts 'attack by Israel

Impossible or not they are prepared! Iran would respond to an Israeli attack on nuclear facilities with a ``heavy blow,'' a senior cleric said, following a New York Times report that Israel carried out an exercise that could prepare it for such a strike. Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami leading Friday prayers in Tehran, said today that Iran favored dialogue and would resist ``mischievous acts,'' the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency said. Such an attack would prompt an ``uproar on the part of our nation,'' Khatami said. ``If enemies, especially Israelis and their U.S. supporters, wish to speak in the language of force, they should rest assured they will be dealt a heavy blow on the face by the Iranian nation,'' the ayatollah said, according to IRNA.

Khatami spoke after the report in today's Times that the Israeli military had carried out maneuvers this month over the eastern Mediterranean with more than 100 F-16 and F-15 fighters as well as refueling tankers. Citing unidentified U.S. officials, the report said that the 900-mile (1,450-kilometer) range exercise could be a rehearsal for an attack against the Iranian nuclear plant in Natanz and Iran's long-range conventional missiles. Iran doesn't recognize Israel and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly predicted the end of the Jewish state. Crude oil rose today following the Times report that Israel held a rehearsal for a potential bombing attack on Iranian nuclear targets, and as the weaker dollar enhanced the appeal of commodities as a currency hedge. Iran Would Respond to Attack With `Heavy Blow

** Just wait until you see what else happens as a result of Israel attacking Iran and our inevitable involvement! Can anyone say gas and food rationing and that is just the beginning? As you know, fighting terrorism was merely the excuse to impose this so called new world order. The other main powers are doing the same damn thing. All it means is hell for a future and again as I say unless bringing about the end of days as I think it is, is the goal we are in more than serious trouble because someone will have to live in the mess that is left. Again as you know, I have said numerous times, this will dwarf the hundred years war in length dwarfing WW2 and the great depression combined. It is getting closer and it will not matter who is our President. They will run to Israel's aid and get this entire new world order Forever War going.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

After almost 8 years of lies we're still recovering from Bush now we have trump

After a couple conversations I had yesterday with a couple of our Friends who were getting hit by the created financial mess so total control over us could be gained and this new (dis)order agenda here and around the world could be continued I was thinking in the middle of the night that I would put a compilation together today illustrating once again from beginning to end that we are living a total lie. It is all documented but denied and lied about, and this "manufactured" perfect storm is coming to a head in the perfect time for Bush to do what this says and allow him to take over as dictator for life as I posted a couple days ago. This is no joke, no paranoia, no drill. Just relax, be forewarned, and be prepared!

* Let me start from the beginning! This will all be lied about as it is but this is well documented and true. We have discussed the vast majority of this numerous times but never from beginning to end. As this is coming to an ugly head pretty soon I hope you and certainly those that have not heard much of this before will take a few moments to read my links and know you are living a controlled lie that looks like it will come to fruition this fall negating the facade of elections, Democracy, and your freedom, so this purposely created mess can be continued!

From the absolute beginning with this mis-Administration oil has run the White House and the country with oilmen in charge (Bush and Cheney) and oil their only concern. After failed meetings with the Taliban in Crawford and the White House to have an oil pipe line run through Afghanistan to the Caspian 9/11 mysteriously happened and 10 days later Afghanistan was attacked. 9/11, the Patriot Act, the terrorists, all a lie

While this has been happening those behind this mis-Administration have been orchestrating the financial collapse of America via Allan Greenspan. This too is undeniable and part of "The Great setup" Michael Whitney the Second Great Depression

Coupled with a growing Forever War this will Dwarf the Great Depression and WW1 and WW2 combined and it has to as you will soon read the truth that the goal is to reduce the planets population by at least 30%. As you know things here will continue to worsen every day. Yesterday I had a friend who was feeling the pressure on his business, A friend whose bank was one of the ones that just failed, and we got notification from our oil Company we would have to start giving them $800 per month. This will get much worse especially after war with Iran and Russia starts. To create another facade of concern that once again will help no one that needs it. Fannie and Freddie amongst others will be bailed out and our debt ceiling has been raised once again to $10.6 trillion to supposedly be paid by our children and grandchildren if they survive this forever war and still have air to breathe! another bail out sent to Congress

Bankrupting America is necessary so people will be more receptive to total control. As you will read, a new currency will be enacted to replace the dollar. Now do you know why we are being Bankrupt? In march a secret meeting was held in Congress to Declare Martial Law if things continue to worsen as they are and people increasingly become disgruntled as they are. Please read it if you haven't it is important that you do

Meanwhile Bush's advocates wanted him to have Lifetime dictatorship

Mukasey has also asked that Bush be given the right to Declare war unilaterally without Congress's okay anywhere around the world including here if we get out of order. please read

This all very sobering and undeniable! Any power in Bush's hands was misused and abused as you know. Meanwhile this dirty divide and conquer phony election process continues in this facade of a Democracy as this entire manufactured so called perfect storm is coming to a head at the perfect time. This is no coincidence my friends. Relax, educate yourself, be prepared, and we will get through this together! God Bless and take Care! By golly I think I said it all!
By the way! Paul Roberts Assistant treasury Secretary under Reagan will verify this manufactured nightmare

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

1400 years of Dissension will not be solved in the Middle East, Somalia or Asia. The world will be the stage for generations

I know our so called leaders are fond of saying we will fight the extremists wherever they are that means the world is the front in the so called war on terror. We are not winning this so called war on terror it has not even really begun. Our so called leaders and war mongering Republicans are fond of saying that we did nothing to deserve the attack on 9/11 but on the contrary we did everything to deserve it. This has been a long time coming. 1400 years of dissension has come to a head and it will not be quelled easily as you see.

The fall of the Russian Empire set in motion something that began with the founding of Islam in 610. Islam was established by Muhammad in order to give Muslims a formal religion and sense of equality and belonging with the Jews and Christians. It failed and Muslims have never been able to gain equal footing or be willing to accept their role in the worlds society.

The Christian Crusades to take back Jerusalem turned into a blood bath against Muslims. Our nation was born during the enlightenment and industrialization completed a gap between our societies which will never close. Next comes the Berlin Conference in the 19th century, allowing Europe to divvy up Africa which they then took what they wanted and then reset the boundaries creating another mess with the Muslim world.

This is not though, a fight between the West and Islam. Islam is also fighting itself! It is a war between Islam and the world at large, everyone. As some have no tolerance of anything but their version of perverted Religion and Democracy. The Muslim Islamists have no tolerance of any other version of Islam than their own. They want all their lands back which cannot happen. They want us off their lands so what does Bush do? He attacked Iraq invading their homeland with our military and attempts to set up his idea of a new middle east order.

There is an easy answer to this and that is too fight and continue to fight, there is no easy way out though. We have no other choice as this will not be quelled by diplomacy. We must see this through to the end. Years ago I said like it or not, this will turn into a war against Islam. We will be forced to isolate them in their own lands for our own safety. It is an unpopular thought but we will not have a choice. Once on their own they will turn on themselves as they already are because they cannot tolerate any version of Islam other than their own.

Iraqi's are killing each other as we know and it will engulf the entire middle east Bush knew this would happen and ignored all good advice and intelligence to the contrary, as he had to in order to stay the course and prosecute his idea of new order. Reagan is credited with ending the cold war but he set in motion many of the problems of today. Bush finished the job by belittling every country in the word and attacking Iraq unsettling the middle east. Obama is doing his damnedest to make things right but he is not getting cooperation and I do not think he will have the time.

Anyway by virtue of Bush's superiority complex and destabilization of the already unstable middle east which we also contributed to by injecting Israel into the mix and again resetting boundaries as we saw fit, again ignoring traditional boundaries and dislikes. Bush liked to say we must defeat the so called insurgents in Iraq or they will follow us home. Now we are hearing from Al Qaeda in Pakistan and elsewhere that they are coming soon.They will follow us home period.

I would like to see this resolved with Diplomacy but no way. We have messed over Islam all around the world now they want retribution all around the world. They want to turn the clock back but that is impossible. You can not turn time back. We have hit the stage in man and the planets life cycle called the mature stage where we must be taking care of them but we are not. A nation, a people, must either accept your position be happy with what you have today or you see the alternative. What a hell of a future is all I can say!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ocean life 'facing mass extinction' No kidding? Then stop it because that means us!

Ocean life 'facing mass extinction' Depleted fish stocks, dying reefs and "dead zones" among consequences of global warming and pollution, scientists warn.

Despite our numerous warnings the ocean has gotten much worse too fast Dead zones multiplying, garbage swirls more enormous
Study tracks ocean plastic spread

US researchers measure the amount of plastic accumulating in a region of the Atlantic Ocean over a 22-year period. In 2004 I was alarmed because there was 150 dead spots today there are 400. Commonly, ocean "dead zones" have been linked to agricultural runoff and other pollution coming down major rivers such as the Mississippi or the Columbia.

One of the largest of the 400 or so ocean dead zones is in the Gulf of Mexico, near the mouth of the Mississippi.However, scientists now say that some of these areas, including those off the Northwest, apparently are linked to broader changes in ocean oxygen levels.The Pacific waters off Washington and Oregon face a double whammy as a result of ocean circulation. Growing low-oxygen zones in oceans worry scientists | McClatchy

Oil leak leaves undersea residue We are grossly failing ourselves and the world and we won't even get into the worlds growing water wars! Please look at it though water wars are a rapidly growing world crisis Anyway, remember our discussion during earth day?

880 mn people lack access to clean water: Red Cross honor of earth week and earth day March 27th I did a story on how dire the situation on the health or our planet really is. I started warning of the changing environment and our involvement in it when I was in high school in 1970. My efforts were always laughed at but it is too late to turn around and no one is laughing any more.

Anyway I have written so extensively in the past it would take a book. I have written in the past about the huge swirl of garbage in the Pacific ocean.

After happening onto Fabien Cousteau discussing the fact that it has now doubled in size in just 2 years and is now twice the size of Texas I was stunned and wanted to point this out. Fabien Cousteau on the dire condition of our ocean

Ocean Pollution Grows Larger From 100 Million Tons of Garbage .

there are huge islands of garbage swirling together into ever-growing "cyclones" of debris

Continent-sized swirl of rubbish raises alarm , it is a horrible new Habitat

* Wake up we are killing our Mother and not with kindness. We throw away 43,000 tons of food away every day in America. That is sick in itself! The world is starving hell even Americans are starving and we just throw away 43,000 tons of food a year. Makes me want to scream.
* We are drowning in trash. A family of 5 generates 25 pounds of trash a day. What is our Population? Figure it out!
* We use 100 million plastic bags per year. Enough is enough!

* In closing we are running out of potable water and at the same time much of our chemicals we use to grow our food ends up in the ocean along with all our other debris. As a result the monstrous garbage swirl in the pacific described above is only one. There are many and they are in every ocean. The debris field in the pacific is 90 feet deep. Seems to and is twice the size of Texas. Seems to me that this should spawn a new industry for former fishermen. I do not remember the size of fishing nets but I do know they go down 90 feet. Seems to me like a business can be made of cleaning this up.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Berlin conference started The African Black mans burden: How Africa subsidizes the west!

It just blows me away knowing Africa was divvied up at the Berlin Conference and after Colonization ended new lines were drawn up dividing Muslim people and others that hate each other, and what we did in the same regard to the middle east. The conference ushered in a period of heightened colonial activity on the part of the European powers, while simultaneously eliminating most existing forms of African autonomy and self-governance. Berlin Conference 1884: The divvying up of Africa

The so called civilized countries raped Africa taking all the natural resources they could take in   order to feed the machine of the industrial Revolution. The industrial Revolution: Natural resources and sustainability

We took what we wanted reset the boundaries putting traditional enemies in the position of fighting for ownership and not having the resources to support themselves and left. Africa as you know for most is a beautiful but harsh environment Despite what we hear as an effort to help Africa here too we are not the solution but the problem.

As you know, Hillary had been visiting Africa! We supposedly often "help" Africa and let them know about it as often as possible. Hell we created much of their trouble with the exception of their natural environment which is getting more harsh and we probably contributed to that too. So you have to agree with Kenyan's when they cheered Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga when he declared that we in Africa do not need any lectures from the West. Damn straight they need the tools and the training to help themselves.

She should have asked why is Africa at war with itself and admit why. She should ask why is Africa poor and admit we have not given them the tools to help themselves. Despite our so called help More than 300 million people south of the Sahara have to survive on less than a dollar a day. I was caught off guard when I found out that Two thirds of the poorest countries in the world are in Africa, also 34 of the 35 states with the lowest life expectancy. That truly is unbelievable. Please read this grim analysis! Africa: Black Man's Burden - How Continent Subsidizes the West

* In closing, What we did to Africa, the middle east, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan etc is terrible. I reiterate that I am sick of hearing we have done nothing wrong. Hell we have done nothing right! Africa has to be the richest continent in natural resources on the planet and it is one of the poorest! Africa is possibly the largest producer of raw materials in the world.

Mineral and Agricultural resources are mined by peasants earning pennies and taken to the rest of the world to enrich everyone else. The Black man, women, Africa, I am really sympathizing and we have to start making things right. One of our friends a couple days ago said if we do the right thing today much of the transgressions of the past will be forgiven. Let us get started!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma