Saturday, February 17, 2018

Who is God: Installment 5 of Religion and lies we call history


                                              Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story           

Continued from yesterdays  installment 4:   I know that like these philosophers, I am not the only one that believes man is just a minute life form on this earth. We simply play the same role as other, even smaller or larger forms of life. In turn, everything that lives on this planet is merely a part of the life of the planet. The planet in turn is part of the universe as a whole. The big problem with man is that he has a brain and often fails to use it.

This brain, (mind) is what separates us from all other life forms on this planet. It is precisely the brain, which is turning out to be our biggest problem to ourselves. Man often feels superior to all other living things. He feels it is up to him to do as he will with whatever he wants.

 This really scares me. I have always felt that if life on this planet, in any form, is dependent on man for survival, it is doomed. Man has shown that he can’t even manage himself. Give them a right and they’ll make it a wrong. Ever hear of that one? Sadly enough that seems to apply to man as a whole. It is a frightening thought when you look at our track record.

We are now the keepers of the World and that is not a good thing. Man does not have the capability to manage his own life, forget about the planet. I always said that once something is depending on man for life, it’s all done. Man as a whole does not know how to do the right thing without letting their own idiocies get in the way.
 They do not seem to be able to do the right thing for themselves let alone for anything else. With that in mind, it reminds me of something I heard Jane Goodal say the other night. She made this statement while at a meeting on the condition of the planet. She just said that we messed it up. We made a mess of things, I agree, yes we have. Despite this it is not too late. We can do this, but we need the best of every field, all over the world. We can beat this.

We were given a brain in order to make up for our lack of physical prowess, and strength. This was in order to enable us to survive in a very hostile, wild environment that was life on planet earth. Now we no longer have to concern ourselves with surviving the might of fellow creatures. As a result we have turned our energies exclusively on each other.

 This can, and will, turn out only one way. Maybe that was the purpose of man in the first place. Maybe his role is just a way to bring the planet full circle in its life process. If not, we better get our collective selves together because that is exactly what is going to happen.

The very fact that we do have a brain is what makes it necessary for us to understand in varying degrees, of life and mans role in it. Our brain gives birth, and necessity, to various Religions and various beliefs. Being of one Religion or the other, or for that matter, none at all, makes you no better or worse than anyone else. Your psyche just needs a little more information, and understanding. This is for you to realize and understand your role on earth and the universe.

Speaking about mans mind and ancient philosophers, just seems to naturally flow into a discussion on Kabbalah. Which as many of us know, is practiced by many in Hollywood. When the Jews were first under the Islamic empire there was no anti-Semitism or Religious persecution. As a result there was no need for mysticism. As the Muslim situation and Religion developed and evolved however, this changed. Once again, religion has evolved as a response to external conditions. This is the same thing that is happening once again today.
Kabbalists began to give their God a mystical appeal. Both the Muslims and Christians also found this necessary, in response to Judaism. This discipline of mysticism was handed down from mystic to disciple and was called Kabbalah. Kabbalah literally stands for “inherited tradition”.

The God of the Mystics was able to reach, and touch, fears and anxieties differently than those that are philosophically explained away. Kabbalah, as we mentioned, is known to most of us only because Hollywood stars practice it. It is practiced as a means of dealing with the increased stresses that come with a Hollywood life.

Kabbalists try to penetrate the inner God They attempt to penetrate their inner anxieties. They do this instead of speculating rationally about the nature of God and the universe. They attempt to alleviate the problems in his relationship with the world. In this attempt Kabbalists have turned to their inner self, their imagination.

Kabbalists, like virtually everyone else on the planet, regardless of Religion or lack there of, believe that God or his spirit exists in everything. There is one glaring, obvious, exception, “the Islamists”. They hold nothing sacred, and will destroy anything and everything.

 Virtually everyone else believes that god, and, or, his spirit are in everything that exists. Having these thoughts in mind, this tells you without a doubt, that the Islamists, with their wanton destruction of life and nature, are in fact, against God himself.

Let us briefly discuss the important roles of polish astronomer, Nicolas Copernicus, (1473-1543), and Italian scientist, philosopher, and inventor of the telescope, (1613), Galileo, (1564-1642).

What absolutely astounds me about these two men is that one, Copernicus in 1530, had completed his studies on the universe. He then declared to the civilized world that the sun was the center of the universe. And two, this was almost 85 years before Galileo had even invented the telescope. This is positively amazing. How on earth could anyone possibly have known that?

We will be getting to that in depth real soon. We will just remember for now, that he was around at a time a lot closer to when the Gods were known to have visited earth. As we discussed, you have to wonder, what ancient documents were around to reference.
Needless to say, that as a result of Copernicus claim, his treatise was put on a list of books forbidden to be read by Catholics. Poor Galileo, as a result of his assertion that Copernicus was correct in his assumption, was immediately summoned before an inquisition. He was immediately commanded to retract his scientific creed. As a result he was ultimately sentenced to indefinite imprisonment.

The Roman Catholic Church was instantly opposed to any change in their doctrine. This was the same as any other institution during this period when conservatism ruled the day. What did make the church different was that it had the power to enforce its will, and did. At this point the Roman Catholic Church was a well oiled, smoothly running machine. They were terribly efficient at imposing intellectual conformity.

Inevitably, the condemnation of Galileo inhibited further scientific studies of many outstanding scientists. We can be sure that was their goal. The Roman Catholic Church however did not condemn his theory because it endangered belief in God the creator. They condemned it because it contradicted the word of God according to scripture. It didn’t matter that he was right, hmmm.

This once again, has to lead us to question the Bible, Torah, and Koran. Specifically for the reason that they were written when we did not know many of the facts we now know. Scriptures say that heaven and the earth were created for the benefit of man.

 How could this be, if as Galileo claimed, and of course it is fact, that the earth was just another planet revolving around the sun. Heaven and Hell were regarded as real places. Today, as many even then thought, we know them as the heavens and the core of the earth. Many occurrences that have been proven to be natural, in the Bible are credited to God.

 We have to correct all doctrine to reflect the facts as we have grown to learn them. We must if for no other reason than to stop any confusion, misunderstanding, or redundancy.

There is a tremendous amount of what were once unexplained phenomena, misguided theory, and just plain old misconceptions that at one time were acceptable. Today, an awful lot of past events and inexplicable artifacts are no longer shrouded in mystery. They have been proven as facts.

 They have been proven and some of us agree, some of us will not. There are an awful lot of inconsistencies in our recollection of ancient history. Our archaeology leaves tremendous unanswered questions. Our Religious scriptures are no longer considered accurate. This is due to recent proven facts.

Our understandings have been matured. Also new scientific discoveries have disproven old beliefs often unambiguous and overly rife with mysticism.

There is much that is inconsistent with our archaeology. One reason is that we find electric batteries many thousands of years old. We also find strange beings in perfect space suits with platinum fasteners. We have found numbers not even registered by our computers, 15 digits, can you believe it? Just how did early man achieve this? There are just too many holes in the fabric of our history. We have the technology and the ability to fill them and must. We need only now, the collective desire to do so.

Let’s get used to the idea that the world of facts as we were taught them, are now known to be incorrect. The knowledge we have grown up with for years, was full of supposition and theory. It is going to collapse in time.
As we already talked about, there are too many inconsistencies with our religious scriptures. Every Religion promises help and salvation to man, just as the Gods did. Why did the ancient Gods use ultra-modern weapons to annihilate harmless, primitive people? Why did the Gods plan to destroy whole populations, and indeed did do this?
Knowledge that has been hidden in the secret libraries of secret societies for centuries are being rediscovered. The age of space travel which severely encumbered ancient mans comprehension of events, is no longer a secret.

 Gods, Kings, priests, heroes, ancient villains, we must revisit all of them and force them to give up their secrets. We now have the ability to figure out all these secrets. We can now find out all about the past. We have the ability to leave no gaps. We have the ability to leave no guess work and we must.

Archaeologists to me are invaluable. Their work must be enhanced by the use of hypersensitive equipment designed to detect what we cannot perceive. We must once again revisit any questionable archeological site with ultra sensitive equipment and measuring devices.

 Priests who seek the truth in all Religions must once again question and doubt everything that is established. We must put it to the test. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our past, and we owe it to our future.

The Gods that have visited Moses, Abraham, and other parts of the world, have left behind many trails.
 These trails today can be tracked and correctly deciphered. We do know our past and what we have been teaching for centuries is not at least 100% correct.

 Today, space travel has become so much a part of our every day life. It was completely alien to our ancestors. However, it was a reality to the Gods of yesteryear.

The Sanskrit scholar Dr. Dileep Kumar Kanjilal, professor of Sanskrit and Indology at the Sanskrit College of Calcutta at least to my knowledge, was the first scholar to publicly say that, “It can be doubtlessly proven from old Indic texts that the earth had been visited and influenced by extraterrestrials in remotest antiquity. This has been proven beyond doubt and we will go on to show and prove it. Installment 6 tomorrow!

James Joiner
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Friday, February 16, 2018

Religion and other lies we call History: Installment 4

                                                 Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story
 Continued from yesterdays  installment 3: They’re getting it; they are putting it all together. I hope you have all been thinking, rethinking, and contemplating, this entire discussion. This is all so right on. Believers in Plato did not need barbaric tales of a God. A God, who all of a sudden, would decide to create our world, was not needed.

 They felt no need for someone who would decide to destroy his own creation. They had no need for someone who ignored established rule in order to communicate directly with a specific group of people. This, as we know, did occur with the Jews.

 It makes no sense at all that an all loving, understanding God, would appear to just one people. It makes no sense that he would appear under the conditions that he did. It makes no sense that a loving forgiving God would annihilate whole peoples he did not like. That is, unless there was an underlying reason for these actions, and there was.

I know the answer as do millions of you who have read some enlightened literature on the subject. You will be enlightened, and know the objective truth about, oh, so much.

Intellectual and spiritual thinkers have confronted their ignorance in the understanding of God, Religion, and the universe. They did not have all that I do now, available to me. They did not have the luxury of peace and time to really dwell on these subjects, in an untethered atmosphere.

Any person that taught anything other than church accepted doctrine, was as we know, risking life and limb. I just had another interesting thought in regards to ancient philosophers, thinkers, and life theorists.

They were luckier than us today in the respect that their lives were lived at a time a lot closer to the actual visits of the Gods. They were lucky to be around at the time of the one God, the God of Moses and Abraham.

 This of course, is Yahweh, the one true God worshiped by Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Do you think that the documents that were most probably still around in prestigious libraries influenced their way of thinking?
Do you think they were influenced by the rumors and innuendos that were still floating around?

Philo, who we talked about a little earlier, was a Jewish philosopher. He was around about 350 years before the time Christ was born. He took Plato’s beliefs yet another step further. He imagined that God had devised a master plan of creation.

This master plan of creation corresponded with Plato’s way of thinking. It corresponded with his theory of the realm of the forms. He believed that they in turn would be incarnated into what we know is the physical universe.

Philo described a passionate, joyful, voyage into the unknown. This in turn brought him freedom and creative energy. Like Plato, he saw the soul as an exile that was until death, trapped in the human body, and the physical world.

 Upon death, the soul would ascend to God, its true home. It would leave behind the human senses. He believed this because these are what bind us to the imperfect physical world. Installment 5 tomorrow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Religion and other lies we call History: Installment 3

Religion the big lie

                                              Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story

Continued from yesterdays  installment 2:   We have to have people who know right from wrong. We need people who do the right thing. They should do the right thing not for them, but the right thing for their fellow man.

I finally have everything worked out, and I can’t believe no one has put everything together before this. It is particularly disconcerting that our leaders and the experts don’t have a clue. It is time for common sense, common sense derived from being a commoner. Common sense comes from living in the trenches of life, not of being middle or upper class. You have to be able to relate with the underclass of any country or Religion. So by definition I guess, you have to be there, or come from there.

I will tell you unequivocally that this is not theory. This is 100% fact. No matter what your religious beliefs are, you to will see the facts, and believe. However incomplete, hold onto your faith because it is true and necessary.

As I was saying earlier, when I started doing the research to give credence to, and back up my thought process, and theories. I was absolutely astounded to find that every great philosopher, astronomer, and thinking man, in the history of the civilized world has to a smaller, or larger, degree, agreed with me.

 They had hit the nail on the head. However they never had the opportunity to put the whole story together. As to God, life, the planet, the universe, and mans origin and role in all this.

These men have all been ostracized for their beliefs. They were loathed. They were thought of as atheists. They were imprisoned and yes, even killed. All this for corrupting the minds of the youth, as happened in Socrates case.

Socrates too, was a thinking man. He saw thought as a process of recollection. Something we had always known, but had just forgotten. Aristotle was the first to see the importance of logical reasoning. This attribute is something that is very important and very rare today indeed.

Aristotle was convinced that it was possible to arrive at an understanding of the universe by applying the principle of logical reasoning. This is absolutely true, but in my case it took both, logical and inductive reasoning. He also, as many of us do, had an acute understanding of Religion, and mythology. He believed we were one.

 One and the same with nature, God, and the universe so beautiful and so true. Take all you know and are learning now, and take some time to stop and think about it, put it all into perspective.

Carrying it further, Plato, like Aristotle, another great Greek philosopher, sometimes defended Socrates and sometimes had his own ideas. He carried Socrates beliefs even further. He was getting even closer to the whole picture.

Plato, like Socrates, had also been Religious about his philosophy. They found that their scientific and speculative reasoning had inspired them with a vision of the full glory of the universe, don’t you just love it. Plato’s beliefs would help him to realize his true self. This happened by freeing his soul from his body and enabling him to ascend to the divine world.

He believed the one true God is from where all existence was derived from because of its pure being. He believed that the eternal aspects of our universe came from the one God. This in turn animated the sun, the moon, and the star. Thus, this put each of these in their perspective alignments, interesting. Installment 4 tomorrow

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Religion and other lies we call History, Installment 2

Religion, the big lie

                                              Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story
Continued from yesterdays  installment 1: Quickly, in the Jewish Religion followers read and follow their Holy book called the Torah. These Holy Scriptures tell the Jews how to follow their Religion.

They also teach them how to adhere to Gods principals. This is to enable them to be as near and like him as they can. The Scriptures include the Old Testament which is also among the Scriptures read and followed by Christians.

This includes the 10 Commandments that were handed down to Moses by God on the mount. The 10 Commandments are also followed by Christians. They are followed as a symbolic way of living in the presence of God. It is a fact that Christ was a Jew.

 This knowledge and the belief in and sharing of many beliefs that make at least me think that the reason we align ourselves so closely with Israel is that we too believe that they are the chosen ones. As a result we hope to be saved along with them.

 I, like many of you, take exception to constantly being referred to as a Christian Nation. Yes, we were founded on Christian principals but we are a Nation of all Religions.

 We are a Religious melting pot as we are a cultural melting pot. We were founded by whites but we don’t refer to ourselves as a white Nation. Personally, I like to refer to myself as a homogenized American since I have many nationalities.
As I mentioned earlier, I have been thinking about life, God, the Universe, the planet, and our place in all this as human beings for years. Believe it or not, I was about 8 years old when I first remember going to church, and then Sunday school. I personally, have to know, thinking you know only gets you in trouble. So, at this time, I started thinking about life, and God, etc.

All my life, I have been told that I think too much. How on Gods green earth does one stop thinking anyway. I was told by the very people who raised me, that I was too righteous for my own good. I was told that people didn’t like me because I was too direct.

 The very fact that I told the truth whether it was in my favor or not, bothered many people. I was also labeled as a martyr and I was brutally honest. Now, after 50 years, everything has come full circle in the thought process. This is my time. Tomorrow installment 3

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Religion and other lies we call History, Installment 1


         Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story

Save every installment and you will have the complete story of Religion and other lies we call History: We are so fond of saying in regards to the horrors of war and annihilation, that we must not forget History or we are doomed to repeat it. 

So too, we must in kind, remember the History of personal sacrifice. We must remember what worked in our ultimate march to victory. We must remember what it took from every citizen to persevere. If we do not we are doomed to failure.

Before we go on to other problems and insights, the thoughts of one more person deserves note. During the 14th century there was an explosion of mystics. One of particular interest, in light of what we are experiencing today, is from Germany.

Meister Eckhart, (1260-1327), was a Dominican friar. He was also a brilliant intellectual that lectured on Aristotle’s philosophies at the University of Paris.

 In 1325 however, his teachings brought him into conflict with the Archbishop of Cologne. The Archbishop to no ones surprise at the time had him arraigned for heresy.

 He was charged with denying the goodness of God. He was also charged with teaching that God was born in the soul as many famous philosophers believed. They were particularly bothered by the fact that he was teaching about the eternity of the world. 

Meister Eckhart was a poet and completely enjoyed paradox, and metaphor. While he believed that it was right and rational to believe in God, he denied that reason alone could form any adequate explanation of Devine nature makes sense huh.

The final proof of a knowable thing is made through either the senses or through the intellect. As far as God is concerned, there is neither sensory nor intellectual perception.

 This is because he lacks, even according to all known scripture, any form known to us. God was not a being whose existence could be proved, like any other object known to man. 

Therefore, declared Eckhart, he was nothing, Whoa. Oddly enough, that is the final feeling of every believer and non believer, think about it. All 3 of the great Religions in the end, leave it up to you.

 This is precisely because no one has ever seen him. None of the 3 is even allowed to depict, or name him, Sooooo? To be continued tomorrow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma