Sunday, August 20, 2017

It is time to replace Capitalism with Democracy?

For years because of Bush's fascist agenda many of us said this is not a Democracy. A Democracy only in name to facilitate a hidden agenda. Now we hear from Republicans that this is no longer a Democracy because of Obama and the socialist agenda he inherited from Bush. Anyway you look at it this is not a Democracy!

Is it supposed to be a Democracy just because they make you leave your pen once every couple of years to go out and vote for those with the money to buy their position to force the agenda that keeps those corporations in control that really run this country? Is it Democracy that allows the top 1% to own more than the bottom 95% combined?

Would a Democracy allow their fellow citizens to go without the basic needs of any human being let alone right here in the USA, Food Shelter and clothing? Homes are still being foreclosed at a rate of 1 every 7.5 seconds. This is a Democracy in action? Is the health insurance Industry spending 1.5 million dollars a day to control Congress and kill health care reform so they can keep control over you Democracy in action?

No! It is capitalism run amok, Capitalism is controlling our Democracy. This is not a Democracy. Democracy is a system of government in which either the actual governing is carried out by the people governed or the power to do so is granted by them. There are two principles that any definition of democracy includes, equality and freedom. Would not equality dictate that the top 1% take care of those who are in trouble? Or is it because Capitalism rules Democracy that they have the "freedom" to ignore Equality and Democracy? Democracy

Capitalism as a system developed incrementally from the 16th century in Europe. Capitalism typically refers to an economic and social system in which the means of production are privately controlled. Controlling it is is a matter of politics and policy. Capitalism

Politics and Democracy are supposed to be controlling Capitalism. Capitalism is not supposed to be controlling Democracy! Capitalism has run amok and as you know is controlling Democracy. Our Government just bailed out Capitalism and there was nothing Democratic about it. Capitalism owns our Democracy and our Government.We the people have been left to our own demise. It is time to control Capitalism with Democracy so for once we are all equal!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Mans future: sadly It is in our hands and man can't manage himself

As we watch world events every day Syria has taken center stage in our fight for the future and attempt at world dominance as we destroy the planet. I have been in a funk watching the Syrian people being sacrificed for nothing. This is a waste and is way to old. This is way beyond the trivial battles being waged by the common man. When the powers to be are ready the sky is going to fall but on who?

The day I started high school and all my world endeavors I saw what was happening and my friends thought I was crazy in 1970. It can no longer be denied!Not to get too involved now but after what has happened since Bush and our past as a warring depleting destructive country and all the crap happening right now I came to the conclusion that man is not the planets savior but his role is to bring the whole life cycle full swing and he is. A Time Line of Life's Cycles and Where We Are in Them and 

Life's cycles, the final stages

Under Bush it was so hard to watch and it keeps getting worse. We are at a point in man and the planets life cycle called the nurturing stage "the end" if we do not take the right steps and we refuse to accept it.

Instead we just had the Gulf of Mexico now Japan and though the time where war is sustainable is over we continue to push for more and make this planet so that no one can live on it.

We hear there are millions of universes and since we are destroying ours you have to think someone knows of another planet for us somewhere. We can't be this stupid or so you have to hope.

Did you ever read China's nasty surprise for us known as "assassins mace" or read about our "HAARP" You can Google it or I have the links having used them numerous times but not good.Here it all is from a discussion we had 3 years ago now

If we have the space war no one supposedly wants but we are prepared for we are all stuck here. HAARP has been in progress for a century, do you remember when a couple years back the entire middle east went dead except for the US and Iraq? That was no accident.

Remember when a Russian and US satellite bumped into each other over Russia? That was no accident either. Read Assassins mace,it is in the link above, not good!

Also remember around 2 years ago when China took down her own satellite to see if they can? Well Russia, China, and the US can and much worse. Just the other day a tiny piece of that junk had us afraid the space station was going to be hit and they were preparing for it.

In a nut shell if they have a space war and destroy each others satellites we are all stuck on mother earth that they are destroying.

So much is made of oil and weapons but whoever owns space owns the future. Take out the satellites and aircraft carriers are dead in the water like the rest of the navy and entire modern military. "the best laid plans of men and mice" All we can do is shake our heads and go for the ride because we do not matter!

As we follow the path of the Roman Empire it will all get worse as it is and those who can pilfer the ship as they are before it sinks as they are every day and we can just watch. What a future huh? AAARRRGGGHHH!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, August 18, 2017

We have become a Fascist world: Part 2


I keep hearing rumors of being fascists so I thought it time to remind people that we already are and not just Russia and China. 

The United States of Disarray;

                                           Forever Vigilant!

   Looking at today's unwinding horrors we will be facing long into the future. We watch Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Russia, China and Taiwan, North and South Korea, water pollution, air pollution, global warming, water wars, food wars, numerous future wars in the making, under Bush's war mongering I had been long convinced we had not had the defining moment of our time, our moment of extreme challenge.

    9/11 was not the defining moment of our time as we are told,that event has not occurred yet but that moment is coming and soon and it could very well be upon us. A lot of people tell me to get over Bush but the US and the world will never be able to as he upset US and world balance that will forever affect us all.

   We had the hope of Obama for 8 years but thanks to the Republican vow to make everything he tried to do to better the plight of the people fail our economy has improved and health care for all was implemented but Republicans because of their negative input constantly reminded us the the improvement was the slowest in history "their fault" and they plan on eliminating Health care for all.

   In steps the nightmare Donald Trump. Many of us were very concerned about Trump as soon as we knew he was going to run for President because he has a penchant for being loud arrogant ignorant and a flagrant liar saying whatever he wants to get his way. Most of what he says is a flat out lie but he does not care doubling down and making the lie even deeper. His childish antics and ignorance is something new to me.

      From what I can see the electoral college is only kept to steal an election for the Republican party. The people as a whole know the Democrats have faults but are there to make their lives better.

   Back in 2000 I thought the Republicans were done as a Political Party when they picked the Alcoholic worthless liar George Bush to be their leader. I was greatly dismayed with that stupid hanging chad crap and the Supreme court ultimately picking him as the next President of the united States. He was re-elected by the outdated Electoral College over Al Gore who the people had selected. You witnessed as did I Bush's illegal war in Iraq and his destruction of the US.

   Now the electoral College has interfered once more over-rode the will of the people and chose Trump to lead the nation to destruction and destroying Obama's legacy along with FDR's and every positive step ever taken ti further the American people.

   Trump  was not even sworn in yet and not only is Putin being credited with hacking the DNC flooding the air waves with lies about Hillary but he swears he likes the murderer Putin and he has already earned the Ire of China which is not hard to do but I am very concerned with this fool Trump's penchant to act without thinking and failing to engage brain before opening mouth.

   Now we also hear his sons are sitting beside him when ever he meets with world leaders. I for on think they are so they can keep an eye on Trump. Plus his daughter Ivanka we hear is going to be the first Lady as Trump's wife does not want to be, and it costs a million dollars a day for their security but I bet it is more like 10 million and they aren't worth a dime.

    We as a people, country, and world are in serious trouble as we proceed through the 21st century or so we hope.

* I am very concerned as to what the future has in store for us unless something Drastic happens to upset the cart our politicians have set for Republicans and their mis-leadership of us, the US, and the world.

James m Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Under our eternal vigilance of our Democracy we put the Wolf in charge of the coup and had it stolen. We must foil this one world Government and...

Under our eternal vigilance of our Democracy we put the Wolf in charge of the coup and had it stolen. We must foil this one world Government and get our Democracy back!

This video as to the inevitability of the denied North American Union and the purposeful death of our America is stunning so I will list it again as it is very important and sadly only a small part of the whole. Lou Dobbs on the NAU and the loss of our Democracy

Nothing will be turned around because there is only one Decider. I received this video along with another from Dave Dubya a couple of cays ago and yesterday from Larry and Lydia. I included it in an update I sent to Jerome and Danny to illustrate how bad things are and that we better act quickly. I hope they look at all this and realize how serious this is. "democracy requires eternal Vigilance" And under our vigilance we let ours be stolen. Now we must take it back.

I have been up since 2:am thinking about my upcoming meeting with Danny and the relentless liberal. I have been sending Danny updates as I said but last night it dawned on me that the end of every article Jerome writes is ended with a Quote from Thomas Jefferson " Democracy requires endless vigilance"

Well we lost it as you know. While Politicians continue to play their childish games we have dropped our vigilance and put the wolf in charge of the coup. I am going to put something together today when I have a chance to illustrate why the worthless cheerleader was put in power and the eternal vigilance has been sidetracked. we are not a Democracy and this entire country and world wide mess is just beginning. Our eternal vigilance better be focused instantly on turning around what the Deciding life long loser cheerleader has well underway in his Fascist one world Government. I will be sending this update to Danny and ask him if he and Jerome have been reading the updates and links? If not they better because they are otherwise wasting their time. This has hit critical mass. I am sorry to say it but I have obviously been saying that too for years and wasting my breath.

First the latest example that Congress is useless and they will do as the Deciding Dictator tells them as he is the only one that matters. The White House must release its visitor logs and cannot hide behind a shield of privilege, a federal judge ruled Monday. The Bush administration has resisted public disclosure while it fights a lawsuit over alleged political influence by conservative Christian leaders. U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth concluded the information is part of the public record and is subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act as "agency records."

He ordered the Secret Service to produce records within 20 days. The White House claimed exclusive control of the documents, subject to the complete discretion of the president over their release. The White House and the Secret Service in 2006 signed an agreement that visitors to the White House complex were not subject to public disclosure. That "memorandum of understanding" was disclosed during legal action over the Abramoff records. Another federal judge in Washington ordered the release of Secret Service logs of visitors to Vice President Dick Cheney's office. Cheney claimed those logs were subject to executive privilege. That ruling is being appealed.

This is really sickening. Bush just said hands off the CIA for destroying their torture tapes and that's that. Congress has proven over and over to be useless. This is no longer a Democracy but a hybrid Fascist Dictatorship in search of a forever war to implement a one world government. Tyranny, obstruction of Just, lying "the new truth" are all standard fare in this endeavor to destroy our America and emplace a one world Government. To that end this forever war is just beginning. All under "our eternal vigilance" and we better activate quickly to recover it as time is quickly running out!

This is worsened by the fact that some of us saw through Bush before he was elected and have had to watch the proven underhanded liar be handed everything he needed to follow his handlers plan. We know Bush is not bright enough to conjure this up himself! It was a setup from the beginning and will be right to the terrible end unless we the people who no longer matter can activate, come together, and stop this now!

I have said it so many times I am sick of saying it but We are no longer a Democracy or a Government of the People by the people for the people facilitated by society. We have in fact become a hybrid Fascist Dictatorship, a Government of the Politicians by the lobbyists and the affluent by the legal system facilitated by the media.

Let me give you some highlights of this nightmare as the set up unfolded right before our blind trusting eyes as we were reeled in hook line and sinker. Whoever the real powers are behind all this we will never know but they have had the plan for years but lacked the right raw material to push it through. All of a sudden they saw the obvious! the life long loser became electable despite the fact that he lied about his military service and the majority of his life
He got the teacher of underhanded dirty Politics to get him nominated despite the fact he could barely talk and was an obvious liar. Now they needed a VP so what a surprise, the real decider was chosen to pick a VP and Cheney the little Nazi chose himself. The set up begins!

He stole the first election we didn't elect him. 9/11 was allowed to happen so Bushco could get the country and the world behind what he was about to do. with fighting terrorism as his excuse he now could proceed to emplace this so called new world order with a one world Government. To do so he needed more power and an excuse to get back into the middle east. Passing the Patriot Act gave him the excuse to steal legally and illegally all the power he needed and he is now the sole decider and congress, the Senate, we the people, we are all powerless to stop him!

With the power he has diverted from the so called war on terror as he finally found a lying excuse people would fall for so he could get our military back into the middle east. As you are witnessing, he will not leave until he lies and finds a way to start his war with Iran as was only one part of the original plan set up before him in 1996. Attacking Iran is a given and I expect it undoubtedly before his time is up so he can take total control over every aspect of our lives and our America. This will initiate his necessary WW3 but I don't believe it will turn out as planned unless the top secret HAARP program is to disable the rest of the worlds satellites. Despite what most think as blunders everything is going like clock work. There is no way I see elections for 2008 unless they are to be stolen once again to finish this ill plan. If Bush was to attack Iran first and get this going full swing the decider will stay in office and see this nightmare one world Government scenario through!
The time is now for someone to step forward and even though it will be laughed off like every other outed reality and this nightmare will only continue. If our America and our Democracy is to be regained we must convert our "eternal vigilance" to "eternal action" Immediately!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

We have become a Fascist world: Part 1

Anti-fascist protests across Greece turn violent:   

    Fascism is Exploding in Greece, Raising Fears About Neo-Nazi Rule:   Greece, the birthplace of democracy, could be heading down a path toward fascism. Since the beginning of the global recession, there has been much news coverage of the economic turmoil in Greece, and the rise of far-right organizations that blame immigrants and the European Union for the country's problems.


  Many have come to fear that one such group, Golden Dawn, a radical party with a neo-Nazi ideology, will soon gain enough momentum to become the ruling party in Greece.

Fascism has become the rule of the day. We seem to have become a Fascist world as Nations prepare to fight for the future. Very scary! Greece, the United States, Russia, The world?

I feel we must repost this as, of late we have been losing more rights and the state has been increasingly gaining more control of us. There are those that mention a police state, nationalism, fascism, and those that feel we are stretching it a bit. It is a fact and it did not start with Obama but 100% with Bush and Cheney. Obama has not let powers go as he said he would but has been expounding on them instead.

Ron Paul: US "slipping into a fascist system" Ron Paul warned the U.S. is "slipping into a fascist system" dominated by government and businesses as he held a fiery rally Saturday night upstaging established Republican Party banquets a short distance away.
 "We've slipped away from a true Republic," Paul said. "Now we're slipping into a fascist system where it's a combination of government and big business and authoritarian rule and the suppression of the individual rights of each and every American citizen."

It really irks me that Republicans started as a result of Rove, Cheney and Bush to accuse Democrats of doing what they themselves are doing. It really peeves me that it is still continuing successfully because it goes unchecked.

 Remember too that it was Chief Justice Roberts a Republican who gave our Nation to corporations stupidly saying they are people too and can give as much money as they want to control what they want. That finished our Democracy off and short of full armed Revolution I see no turning it around. It is time to replace Capitalism with Democracy!
The Transformation of the American Conservative Movement into Fascism, It is not a transformation but a proven fact!

Obama is in part continuing Bush's Fascist agenda only kinder and gentler! 

Max Blumenthal’s book, Republican Gomorrah was interesting, had some good points but yes things are getting worse with the tea partiers and the complicit Republican party this is not a transformation, under Bush it became proven, demonstrated, undeniable fact. Odd or not Obama is pretty darn close to the new American Fascist party! The Transformation of the American Conservative Movement into Fascism 

I keep hearing how Obama has us on the road to Fascism. Not in every instance but he is largely traveling on the road Bush paved. Look what we were saying under Bush! This was a common theme of mine with Bush. Not only the 14 threads of Fascism but look at the 10 steps to end a Democracy. It is a quick one and I illustrate us! They blame everything on Obama too! Fascism under Bush tomorrow.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

There are many! What do you Question?

The New World Order? was posted to Question It Now by F. Anderson on 8/24/05.
The following Questions were posed, followed by my answers. I would like to hear your input!

1.What ever happened to the war on poverty?

2.What happened to America's commitment to human rights?

3.What is happening to education in America?

4.When will politicians tackle healthcare costs?

5.Is the USA losing its lead in the world?

6.Is the Cold War over?

7.Is America more secure than it was before 9/11/01?

8.Is Communist China the next Super Power?

9.Will we preserve, protect, and defend America?

What do you think?

Having written my own Doctrine of fact/Bush uncovered 3 years ago. I believe you read it so ignore it but I told you I had the unequivocal answers to all those questions and more.

1. the war on poverty fell victim to Bush's new societal order. It is not a concern of his. He still has a way to go in implementing his plan but as you see, he is well on his way. He still has a way to go in lowering the plight of the lower classes. With his laws passed to their demise and to help the rich and the poor getting poorer with food stamp use alone up 33% since he took office, he has done a good job but not for us.

2. Human rights too is no concern to Bush and counter to his new societal order in which his illegal's play an important role being the foundation for his new society

3. Education while supposed to be the cornerstone of Bush's Presidency is also a victim of his new societal order. Educating the lower classes is also not in his interest. He does need to educate those required to fill his technical and upper class positions. Those are coming from the upper Colleges, the lucky few, or better educated legal or illegal immigrants that he plans on legalizing which again has been part of his plan from the beginning.

4. Politicians will not tackle health care costs unless Dems are in control of the issues. Healthcare costs are a bigger issue than most realize. This too is part of Bush's plan for new societal order. Little by little he is excusing Industry and big business from their obligations. More people are having to be picked up by the Federal program which will soon be bankrupt. The healthcare costs are increasingly being handed over as the responsibility of individuals or volunteer free programs and not companies.

5. The USA is losing its lead in the world and Bush in his relentless pursuance of his new world order has only sped us up on the road of the Roman Empire.

6. The cold war is not over! Only in the minds of Bushco who use that impliance as an excuse to further their cause of new middle east, and world order. Just look at North Korea, Russia, China. All and more are clandestinely increasing their arms in order to be used against us in the future. It is all building and Bush continues to ignore it because again, he must in order to finish his plan to prosecute the very new world order that you know has been his plan from the beginning. Saying he is purposely pushing us towards world war is only recognizing reality. It is the final step in his creation of disorder necessary in order for him to replace with his new order. He can then implement his new world order. It will happen but not as he thinks and it will be more painful and convulsive than most realize.

7. America is not more secure than 9/11. Bush has increased terrorism and our insecurity. Instead of denying this he should tell the truth and I don't think he realizes what that is! He might but he must ignore reality and stay the course in order to prosecute his new societal, middle east, and world order. the so called terrorists have been increased but since this is all still beginning, It would have happened anyway. Like it or not we will be taking on Islam as they too want a new order as you know and it is counter to Bush's.

8. Before all is said and done China will emerge as the next superpower. I have done many posts pointing out that the non aligned Nations now number 118 Nations. 2/3 of the world. Bush will minimize them as he does . But, with the many enemies he is creating as a result of attacking Iraq and destabilizing an already unstable middle east coupled with the fact that Bush has humiliated China and Russia who are not holding joint military exercise for their health or to combat terrorism. One must realize they will side with the middle east, the non aligned Nations, and others that want to see our demise. that will put Israel, Britain, and the U.S. against the world. What a coincidence! Just the perfect scenario so that if Bush does complete his new world order, those he wants to rule it are all on the same side.

9. We will preserve, protect, and defend America but it will come at a lot higher price than most realize and the new world order will not be as anyone realizes are wants.

* Now tell me what you think!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

The Transformation of the American Conservative Movement into Fascism, It is not a transformation but a proven fact!

Obama is in part continuing Bush's Fascist agenda only kinder and gentler!

Max Blumenthal’s book, Republican Gomorrah was interesting, had some good points but yes thinks are getting worse with the tea partiers and the complicit Republican party this is not a transformation, under Bush it became proven, demonstrated, undeniable fact. Odd or not Obama is pretty darn close to the new American Fascist party! The Transformation of the American Conservative Movement into Fascism

I keep hearing how Obama has us on the road to Fascism. Not in every instance but he is largely traveling on the road Bush paved. Look what we were saying under Bush! This was a common theme of mine with Bush. Not only the 14 threads of Fascism but look at the 10 steps to end a Democracy. It is a quick one and I illustrate us! They blame everything on Obama too! Fascism under Bush

Now I want to relist the 10 steps listed to end a Democracy as they pertain to us and you will agree.

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy. The enemy is us! After 9/11 the Patriot act was passed, fear constantly pressed on us and Bush started his power grab.
2. Create a gulag . Once you have got everyone scared, the next step is to create a prison system outside the rule of law, FEMA Concentration camps!
3. Develop a thug caste: Blackwater and private security even at times various Governmental agencies.
4. Set up an internal surveillance system
5. Harass citizens' groups
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
7. Target key individuals: Threaten civil servants
8. Control the press
9. Dissent equals treason: We know only Bushco can commit treason as they set up their new America
10. Suspend the rule of law: The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 gave the president new powers over the national guard. He can now send New York's national guard against another State if "He" deems necessary!

Remember the 14 common threads of Fascism: keep the entire world in mind but particularly how everyone of them applies in America today. This is scary!

* 1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism. Bingo!

* 2. Disdain for the importance of human rights. Bingo!

* 3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause. Bingo!

* 4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism. Bingo!

* 5. Rampant sexism. Bingo, Bingo, Bingo!

* 6. A controlled mass media. Bingo!

* 7. Obsession with national security. Bingo!

* 8. Religion and ruling elite tied together. Bingo!*

9. Power of corporations protected. Bingo!

* 10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated. Bingo!

* 11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts. Bingo! (at the link read how it does apply)

* 12. Obsession with crime and punishment. Bingo!

* 13. Rampant cronyism and corruption. Bingo!

* 14. Fraudulent elections. Bingo!*
Read the explanations it's alarming
Even more frightening is a collection of news articles dating from the start of the Bush presidency divided into topics relating to each of the 14 points of fascism including proof in pictures.Blow by blow examples in pictures of American Fascism under Bush George W Bush and the 14 points of fascism - Project for the OLD ...

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Modern Democracy thanks to our sad example

We set the new standard of do what you have to in order to get what you want and when you're caught lie and scream as loudly as possible as we see displayed daily right here and it is disgusting.

Candidates allege election fraud in Haiti

Thai Court Clears Democrat Party of Election Fraud in Victory for Abhisit

I know corruption has been around since the beginning of society and man. However, with the advent of George W and his corrupt underhanded Government in what he called an example of Democracy to be exported around the world the corruption and stolen power became the new standard.

Bush used what I coined as 3D politics taught by Karl Rove to achieve their goals. (3D politics = Deceitful, deceptive, divisive politics) It seems in every election in every country now we hear cries of fraud and corruption not just here in the US and more visibly in Iran during the June Presidential election. Why should we expect Afghanistan or anyone else to be any different?

Look at the example we have set for others to follow. I remember the feeling of shame when GW had the audacity to tell China they should aspire to a US style Democracy seeing our own broadcast daily corruption in what many of us believed was no longer a Democracy. Under Bush we became a Democracy in name only and were exporting that not just in the Middle East but around the world.

Stealing elections and corruptions is the standard in the world now. The destruction Bush rained on the US and world balance along with the example he set for the world to follow will affect the entire world for generations if not forever. That is why I can not forget what Bush did and people often tell me to get over it. He made sure he will go down in history!

I am disgusted every time I see a so called free and fair election and it is corrupted for ones personal gain. Haiti and Thailand are just the latest examples. It is worse in Iraq and Afghanistan but a month later and we are still fighting in Alaska and trying to pull the courts in again. This is really sick!

Democracies have become a joke if they weren't before. I can't believe how routinely we see corruption openly displayed while being denied, how often the facade of Democracy is openly and wantonly used to steal power. It has become routine, a joke, embarrassing, and disgusting.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma